Magnet Signs Stony Plain

Magnet Signs Stony Plain is a state-of-the-art portable and mobile sign rental company.  It starts with checking to see if your property has room to place a portable sign.

Magnetic Signs Stony Plain

Stony Plain has a number of discriminatory rules in place when it comes to using a portable roadside sign, including permits which we will help you with for the application.  The next step is to make sure you have permission from your landlord or management company if you do not know your own property.  We than take your wording and logo and send it to our in house design team where they will take your ideas and turn them into a high quality ad.

Stony Plain Magnetsigns

We then send off the proofs to you for your review.  We normal design between 2 – 4 different designs so you have a number of ideas to choose from and you can make changes to one of the design or combine the different designs as desired.  Once the final artwork is approved we can go to print and within 24-48 hours we can deliver the sign, subject to the permit process.  We generally can have the sign ready faster than any city or town can process the application.

Magnetsigns Stony Plain

Stony Plain Magnet Signs

Stony Plain Magnet Signs has moved into the 21st century with our new backlit magnetic advertising sign that is a lighted sign with internal lights that turn on at sunset and run for 4-5 hours and then turn off and turn on again 2 hours before sunrise when running on our solar system.  The sign runs through the night when plugged into a 110v circuit with magnetic signs..

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