Magnetic Signs Edmonton

Magnet Signs Edmonton rents both mobile and portable signs in and around the Edmonton Area.  Our signs use fluorescent and neon lettering that is set against a black background to provide a high level of contrast using magnetic letters.  Our signs used to best possible inks to product the best possible colours and contrast.

Magnetic Sign Rentals

Our magnet signs have always stood out and today they stand out even more with our new sign that lights up at night.  Are signs can be run on 110v power which allows the sign to run 24 hours a day assuming the sign is a reasonable distance from a power source. 

Edmonton Magnet Signs

If power is not close by we can run the our state-of-the-art solar power system that can be programmed in a number of ways to allow the sign to run for any number of combinations.  We run the signs when using solar power with a 5-2 setup where the sign runs for 5 hours after the sun sets and than 2 hours before the sun rises.

Magnetic Signs EdmontonEdmonton Magnetsigns Rentals

Magnetic Signs Edmonton

We rent both magnetic signs that are portable and mobile signs in the Edmonton area and our new backlit sign comes in 5×10 foot size and we carry non-illuminated signs in sizes ranging from 2×3 to 5×10.

For more information about our illuminated Magnetic Signs call 587.487.9047.