Magnet Signs Leduc

Leduc Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs in Leduc have been in operation for almost a decade.  We have evolved from providing track letter signs with limited messaging to now providing Illuminated Magnetic Signs with full colour graphics, neon letters (if you choose) and high resolution pictures that all stand out clearly from the rest.

Our Illuminated temporary Magnet Sign provides advanced and effective advertising in low light conditions from 5 hours after sunset to 2 hours before sunrise by using a supplied discreet solar powered sign accessory kit.  If there is power supplied on site, our illuminated mobile sign can provide 24hr of high visibility targeted advertising that is cost effective to change!

At Magnetic Signs Leduc, we take care of the logistics of setting up a mobile roadside billboard.  We know our area very well and can suggest ideal locations for you as well as file for the necessary permits.  Our team of in house graphic designers create completely custom designs that maximize your advertising dollar.  This is what we do.  The images our team designs offer targeted advertising with maximum effect on your audience.  And if a picture says one thousand words, our Illuminated backlit signs say ten thousand words because they are visible in low light conditions.

Magnetic Signs Leduc

 We have provided curbside signs for Auto Dealerships, Retail locations, Municipalities, Election Campaigns, and many non profit organizations.

 We firmly believe that roadside billboards offer the most efficient use of your advertising budget.  Call us and today see how Magnet Signs Leduc can enhance your brand, modernize your advertising budget and increase your sales!

Magnet Signs Leduc offer a full colour digitally printed mobile sign that lights up!  This is the first of its kinds road side sign in Canada and is the first sign that is solar powered or 110v and is 5×10 foot in size, the largest mobile sign that is internally lighted.

Magnet Signs Leduc

The best way to advertise is a portable or mobile sign and is the most affordable and cost effective way to do just that.  Advertising is about letting people know about the products and services you offer and if you are on a road that gets traffic you need to take advantage of that traffic and pull that traffic into your business.

Leduc Magnet Signs

Leduc Magnet Signs

A magnet sign Leduc is a street sign or a lawn sign that is placed close to the curb so it is visible to passersby.  Using magnetic letters on a steel surface are fast becoming at thing of the past as print is changing the world of the portable sign industry. Add in the fact that we can now light up a printed magnet sign and you have a form of advertising that is second to none.

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