Magnet signs Sherwood Park offers a number of different portable and mobile sign options for your outdoor street signs for advertising your businesses products and services. The traffic that drives past your business everyday may not know what products and services you offer and a portable sign is one of the best ways to advertise to local traffic at an affordable rate.

Magnet Signs Sherwood Park

With rates starting at $3/day plus city permits you can not advertise in a more affordable way. Just as an example a single click on Google can cost up to $25 and there is no guaranty that that person will leave to business with your company. A portable sign can expose your business to 100s if not 1000s of passersby each day depending on the location of your business.

Magnetic Signs Sherwood Park

Magnetic Signs Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park has been a friendly place to do business in the past but over the last number of years the city is using a zoning tactic to screw businesses over and prevent them from being able to use portable and mobile signs. The Sherwood Park land use bylaw states that a direct control (DC) property can not place portable signs on that site. This is simply put WRONG! This is a tactic to circumvent the Canadian Charter and limit the use of a highly affordable and effective form of advertising. This is clearly discrimination as a real estate sign can be the exact same size as portable sign but is exempt from requiring permits and is allowed in all zonings including DC. Is this FAIR? I think not!

Magnetsigns Sherwood Park

Magnet signs Sherwood Park

Sherwood Park does allow bus benches and shelters with advertising but not portable roadside signs in these DC areas. This is also anticompetition as a business now has to look to other forms of advertising to promote their business and every other form of advertising is more expensive than a portable sign. For example a bus bench rents for about $300 per month and is on 12 sqft and is single sided. Our 5×10 foot double sided portable sign is $189/month plus $12/month for a city permit.

Sherwood Park Magnet Signs

Magnetic signs Sherwood Park are here to help grow your business in the areas of the city where portable signs are currently allowed. We offer full colour signs that are printed using the highest quality print technology available on the market to day that produces a magazine quality image that is sure to draw a lot of attention. Add in our in house graphics team that will design for ad at no additional charge that will help to make your ad clean, easy to read and attractive to passersby and potential customers.

Sherwood Park Magnetic Signs

Sherwood Park Magnetsigns

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