Magnetic Sign Products

Our illuminated magnetic signs are currently available in one size only, 5×10 foot.  This is the perfect size for advertising a promotion or sale in front of your business.

Magnet Signs Rental

Most municipalities allow a sign that is up to 5msq which is a total of 52sqft, we have plans for a topper/header to go on the top of the sign that can be used to display your logo, phone number or date of a special event.  Our magnet sign rental is well suited to most properties to allow for maximum exposure and impact with the large text that is easily readable from a distance. 

Magnet Sign Rental

Our magnetic sign rentals are printed signs that use a unique material that is low in cost but highly adoptable to changes in temperature and climate while still looking amazing during the day and even better at night when it is being lit by our new back-lit technology. Our Magnet Sign Sizemagnet signs can be produced and delivered in as little as 48 hours.  We specialize in doing what we do and doing it better and faster than anyone.Magnetic Sign Rental Edmonton

For information on our sign pricing visit our pricing page or call 587-487-9047 for more information.